Call For Papers

AAJOSS is an independent peer reviewed quarterly journal. The Editorial Board of AAJOSS invites academics, scholars, policy makers, consultants, development agents, social workers to send articles and research papers for publication. We welcome articles pertaining to the various issues, problems and aspects of the Afro Asian countries. The articles should be original and exemplary. The journal is committed to publishing cutting edge, provocative and thoughtful scholarship.

The objective of the journal is to provide a critical analysis of the various dimensions of Afro Asian region. The articles should examine and discuss hitherto situations and explore new directions and trends and offer insights and foresights.

Submissions should be made through ‘submit articles’ section of the journal website. AAJOSS Editorial Board will make an objective and quick decision on each manuscript and inform the corresponding author within four weeks of submission. If accepted the article will be published online in the next issue. AAJOSS is an open access journal and all articles published are available online. The journal also provides a medium for documentation and archiving of research articles.