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Asian Journal of Business and Economics (AJBE) is an independent, peer reviewed quarterly journal. Creation and management of wealth, keeping the ultimate deliverable i.e., long term happiness in mind is a challenge. The search for the holy grail of self sufficient and robust economy continues. Economists and Business Management scholars keep producing myriad theories and interpretations to unravel and explain the bewildering world of demands, supplies, commerce, trade relations, political economy, banking, profitability, debts et al and try to comprehend the intricacies of the mundane materialism.

In this globalised and super connected world the entire paradigm of conducting business and trade has changed. In such a milieu, the entrepreneurial spirit also takes on new dimensions. The irresistible and the indomitable recognize no barriers and frontiers. Today the world is our oyster.

This journal  serves as a platform where academics and economists of all hues, management experts, business consultants, social entrepreneurs and policy makers can express their perspectives and views. It is intended to promote lateral thinking and encourage a healthy exchange of ideas and cutting edge, innovative and relevant research.

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